Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tutorial: No Sew, No Cut "Comfort Corset"

Hey there, Recon artists!

I got a new shirt in the mail that is, of course, a bit baggy. But I didn't want to cut it up at all, so I came up with a no sew, no cut, removable way to cinch in the sides a bit to fit my torso. It's a bit like Megan Nicolay's "Comfort Corset" design in her book, Generation T (the first one), but this one uses only safety pins and something to lace it with, so it's entirely removable if you decide to take the design out and wear the shirt baggy again. Click the pic to watch!

T-shirt Recon: No Sew, No Cut "Comfort Corset"

The shirt is from Ambiance: The Store for Lovers. I get a discount every year for my birthday but I've never used it until now, when I saw these great PRIDE shirts. View the shirts HERE to buy your own. Keep in mind, Ambiance is an "adult" store, so if you're under 18 and don't want to see adult items, don't look!

Happy Snipping!


  1. I just found your youtube channel and IMMEDIATELY did the scoop neck onto a shirt and it was AWESOME.

    I like this idea but I am thinking about cutting out the back. Do you have any suggestions on how to cut the fabric out? Would you fold the fabric in and then cut there? Or just cut out the entire back?

    1. *I* would cut out the entire back to begin with, just noting where on my back I want the to sides to fall when I lace it up. You could measure that by doing this and folding it first, to see exactly how far in you like it to go. But then I would just cut two straight-ish (somewhat curved might fit your body better) lines down either side of the back to remove it. Leave a little extra if you'll want to hem the edges.