Friday, May 25, 2012

Recons Coming Soon!

Hey, Readers and Recon-Artists (that's much better than being a con artist, I assure you)!

I have QUITE a few recon ideas to get recorded and posted on my YouTube channel. Are you excited? Well, you should be. At least one of them will be answering a long-awaited question: Just how DO I cut those straight lines?! Listen, I still don't understand why people can't understand what I did when all I do is say "cut a line here" and in the next frame, there is a line cut there, but I have to show it, so that will be there to help everyone out for the future.

And two other projects I want to do are both inspired by other people who wore them. I just look at things and say "Oh, no... that's a t-shirt recon... I HAVE TO TRY IT."

You're welcome. =)

So look out for that stuff on my channel and on here SOON! And by soon I mean hopefully within the week. I've had a LOT going on and today added a whole new stress-load, but I hope that now I can really work on some things. Stick around.

Happy Snipping!