Frequently Asked Questions:

What's t-shirt recon?
Short for t-shirt reconstruction. Also known as t-shirt surgery. This is the process of doing stuff to your t-shirts to make them more awesome. Deconstructing, reconstructing, up-cycling! (Which is like recycling, only turning it into something arguably better.) Though this is not limited to t-shirts. Other items can be reconned, too. And you can also turn t-shirts into other types of things! The possibilities are endless.

What kind of fabric is best for recons?
If you can sew (either by hand or with a machine), then any fabric is up for grabs! Anything that frays, you can hem! But for no-sew projects, I definitely prefer t-shirt fabric, which is generally cotton or a cotton blend. You know, plain t-shirts! NOT ribbed knit, though. Ribbed fabric, the kind with ridges, doesn't stretch and roll the same way. I'm talking about the regular t-shirts you get from an inexpensive store, or the kind you get when you order shirts for your family reunion or sports team. You can sort of tell by feeling it whether a fabric is similar to t-shirt fabric. T-shirt fabric is great for no-sew recons because it doesn't fray, won't unravel in the wash, and you can cut, stretch, slash, tie, weave, and do all sorts of other things to it and it won't give you trouble. If you're not sure you have the right fabric, you can always try it on an old shirt first (some people rip up old shirts to turn into wash-rags, anyway).

How do you cut the slashes?
With scissors, patience, and a good eye. But you can use a ruler to draw your lines first, if you want.
No, but really, I finally did a blog post on this!

What are the "Basics" you keep referring to?
On my YouTube channel, I did a series of Basic techniques, meant to give you a toolbox of basic techniques you'll use over and over again in recons. Learn the basics, then apply them in new, different, creative ways! You can find these Basics videos on my t-shirt recon playlist (see below).

Where is the t-shirt recon playlist?
HERE YOU GO! There is also a tab at the top of this site that links directly to the playlist, for easy access.

How do you do this design shown in your recon videos' intro clip?
BLOG POST, at your service! This post outlines how I did each design you see in the intro, either by telling you which Basics techniques it uses, or by giving a quick run-down.


I will add to this FAQ page as needed!
Thanks for reading!

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