Monday, April 15, 2013

Coming Soon

Hey there, Recon Artists!

Listen. I know I kept saying there would be more content here, and then have not delivered yet. I was really busy and still am very busy, and t-shirt recon videos just take a long time! The recons themselves don't, but taking the time to show every step, explain it, and so on... Really does take longer than people think, especially when I am hard pressed to find 1) a clear area to work in and 2) hours in the day that are quiet enough to explain and demonstrate clearly without having people or other noises in the background. I won't do a video if I know it won't come out well.

That said, I have been sorting through a lot of my clothes recently, getting rid of things. I have pulled out several things that would be good to recon--Some for which I have projects in mind, and others which just lie around in wait! There are some things I can do blogs about without video, using pictures and text. Other things I will do video tutorials for, but definitely not until at least next month since I'm doing Vlog Every Day in April on my YouTube channel right now.

Some things you can expect upcoming:

  • How to Cut a Straight Line. No. I'm not kidding. I keep getting asked, and I am too astounded by that fact to make a video. But I will make a blog about it. And try my best not to be snippy. =)
  • Cutting More/Different Shapes/Pictures.
  • Basics #5 and #6. They have been planned ever since I started my basics series years ago, but I never got around to recording more of them! So I know exactly what they will be, and those were meant to be the end of the Basics Series. Though I always thought I'd just add more later if I thought of more.
  • Inspired By. People have shown me pictures of celebrities in reconned shirts and said "How did they do this?" We will take a look at these things and make the looks happen.
  • Sewing Projects. Somewhere down the line I will probably do some recons that require a bit of sewing! I do love no-sew, and I think those are the most helpful because you can easily translate them to sewing if you have that ability, but it's also accessible to those who don't/can't sew right now.
Those are just some ideas! Now that it's spring, I have more desire to recon some more, and I should have a little more time, I hope. So I will try to put more content on this blog if not the videos on my channel right away, so at least there can be more quick answers to FAQs, and other tips and tricks here.

Thanks so much for reading!
Happy Snipping,